Race Star

Race Star leads the industry with the all-new 63 Pro-Forged with a 15”x 10”-12”-14” & 15” wheel in a 1 piece configuration. This wheel is the first in the industry to utilize Friction Stir Fusion Welding to achieve the one piece makeup in an all 6061 aluminum wheel. This allows Race Star to give you a wheel with less runout than the competition in a lighter weight wheel. It also means you will never find silicone on a Race Star wheel for you to worry about leaking welds. The technology we use is the same technology used in building a submarine to insure it can take the pressure at depth. This type welding makes the hull of a submarine one piece as it now makes our wheel one piece. Using this technology lets us make the wheel in all 6061 aluminum unlike our competition which uses a softer 5052 hoop/ rim half with a 6061 center welded together with silicone on the welds to help insure the welds don’t leak. We also have utilized this technology in our new 16”x 16” double bead lock wheels for Sportsman, Pro-Stock & Pro-Mod. The 16”x 16” one piece liner wheel which is by far the lightest liner wheel in the industry today, also enjoys the same technology used in its manufacture.