ESR Forged

- Where is ESR based out of? ESR is based out of Brea CA.
- What is the process for producing your wheels? We offer a low-pressure cast series and a Forged Series that just released which is a Hybrid of cast aluminum and forged aluminum. We also produce 3 Piece Forged wheels right here in-house! Using the lightest and strongest material in the industry 6061 T6 Aero Space Grade Forged Aluminum.
- What makes ESR wheels special? ESR started as an idea to be the best stepping stone or "best bang for your buck" company for the enthusiast that is just starting out in this industry with quality and a brand that will take pride just like any other high-end company regardless of the price tag.
Our 3 Piece Line is one of the most affordable "Made in the USA" 100% Forged wheels in the industry.
- What sort of Quality Control does ESR do to maintain a high-quality product? Every Single wheel at ESR goes through an inspection process before it is shipped out. We run tests such as Radial and Corner testing, Impact testing, leak testing, out of round testing, and paint testing. Which allows us to offer an amazing Life Time structural warranty and 1-year paint warranty on all of our wheels!
- Does ESR have any inspection certifications? Our manufacturing process is JWL and VIA standards. All our wheels are FEA tested in our design process before creating our molds to start production to ensure the best quality. We run FEA strength analysis testing right here in-house!
- What is one thing most do not know about ESR? We are a group of enthusiasts that have such a deep passion for this industry. We care about the guys that cannot afford forged wheels so we are not in it about the money we make wheels to allow people to have a great product shipped to their door from across the nation for under $1,000. We ensure the best quality and in order to do that, we had to choose the right manufacturing partners. Even though some people might not believe it but our wheels are made in the same factories that most of these leading brands in this industry are made at. In other words... We Care.
- How large is the ESR Company? Is it owned by a parent company? We are owned by a company that produces Forged 3 piece and Mono Forged wheels in-house in the USA. We have Haas CNC and Lathe Machines, Forged aluminum from APP who produces for Lamborghini, Ferrari etc. From all of our experienced engineers and manufacturing facility allowed us to start our own 3 pieces forged collection! We started in 2013 in a 10,000 SQFT warehouse and moved to a 20,000 SQFT warehouse by the end of 2016. We are moving to a 45,000 SQFT by the end of 2018. Our company is growing rapidly and we could not do it without the amazing people that share the same passion as us. ESR Wheels sell up to 1800 sets of wheels a month worldwide and continue to grow. It starts and ends with you.