Boyd Coddington

If you know the Boyd Coddington story, you know that one of his legacies was the creation of a line of wheels designed and built specifically for hot rods, muscle cars and trucks. 

Today, that tradition lives on. Boyd Coddington Wheels operates out of Long Beach, California, and Knoxville Tennessee. We take pride in representing our famous brand on both the East and West Coast.

As the owners of Boyd Coddington Wheels, we have extended our brand to offer more affordable cast wheels whilst maintaining the same high-quality standards and style that made Boyd Coddington Wheels world famous. Our aim is to extend the significant legacy created by Boyd Coddington Sr. and to continue to deliver uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction.

We can make your wheel dreams happen. We offer clients endless choices of our famous custom billet wheels, complete with the quality and unmistakable design that Boyd Coddington Wheels are known for. Our commitment is serious, not just for our clients but for up to the minute technology, because we are not just building wheels, we are forging art.

We look forward to working with you on building your dream hot rod or muscle car!