At Beats-Sonic USA, we are innovation and design leaders to provide consumers with high quality products that incorporate high technology. Our products are designed and engineered in Japan by industry's leading engineers using the latest technology. We have invested substantially in design and engineering to ensure quality products reach our customer's hands. We are very proud to introduce to you our Company and our product line.



Our Mission Statement:

We are focused to continually improve quality, look, feel, and image of our products to match and exceed consumer expectations to provide them with the highest value and deliver the best customer experience in markets we serve.


Our Goals:


  • To provide first-class customer service to the markets we serve.
  • To be on top of all the new technology developments and breakthroughs in today's fast-pased society.
  • To provide the best quality products and services to the automotive world with informed information to help each customer with their vehicle customization.